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What are HDD Decals made of?

High Desert Decals, stickers and die-cut decals are made from a quality vinyl that is printed with outdoor waterproof and UV sun resistant inks.  This means that our decals remain vibrantly colored for at least 3 to 7 years outside*.

 What kind of surface should an HDD decal go on? 
The Surface must be a Hard, Flat, and Non- Porous. Installation to any other surfaces is not recommended.

 What kind of Temperature and Weather conditions are necessary for application?
Adequate Surface Temperature and Weather Conditions are necessary before attempting to install a Decal.

  • The Surface Temperature must be between 60°F and 90°F, with 70°F to 80°F being the ideal range.

  • It can’t be Raining or even Drizzling. Decals must be kept absolutely dry until installed.

  • Try to avoid installing Decals in Direct Sunlight. Surface Temperatures in Direct Sunlight often change rapidly and are difficult to judge.

  • Make sure there is No Wind present, Wind or Gusts Will cause a problem.

How should the surface be cleaned or prepped?
If surface is at all dirty, wash with soap and water rinse with water until there is no more soap or soap residue. Make sure Surface is absolutely dry before proceeding to next step.

  • Thoroughly wipe down the area of the Surface where Decal is to be applied with rubbing alcohol. Glass cleaners or other ammonia-based products are not recommended for this purpose, even with glass installations.

  • Once the surface is clean, installation may begin. A clean Surface will help to ensure that your Decal will stay in place for both the short and long run.

How do I install an HDD decal?
For optimum results, surface temperature should be above 50°F and below 90°F.

  • Step 1

Determine where you want the sticker/decal to be placed. Clean and dry that place and place a piece of masking tape on the top of the sticker or pre-mask and attach to the desired location. Step back at least 15 feet and verify that this is the best location for the sticker/decal.

  • Step 2

Place a pencil mark at the edge of the sticker/decal to mark the location, lift one side up and fold back the sticker/decal backing.  

  • Step 3

With your finger start to press the sticker/decal firmly against the window. Move your finger back and forth attaching more of the sticker/decal to the window. DO NOT GO TOO FAST. Once the sticker/decal is fully attached, check for bubbles. If you see bubbles they can be removed by making a small hole with a pin and smoothing out with your finger. Note: If your sticker/decal does not have a pre-mask you must place a regular piece of paper between the squeegee, credit card or driver’s license and the sticker/decal. DO NOT MAKE DIRECT CONTACT WITH STICKER/DECAL OR IT WILL SCRATCH.

*Die-Cut Vinyl application- Remove backing and place in desired location. Use a Credit card or Driver’s license and start to press firmly moving the card slowly up and down, working from the center towards the outside of the decal. You should now have one side of your decal fastened. Note: If your sticker/decal does not have a pre-mask you must place a regular piece of paper between the squeegee, credit card or driver’s license and the sticker/decal. DO NOT MAKE DIRECT CONTACT WITH STICKER/DECAL OR IT WILL SCRATCH. Remove the application tape and pre-mask by slowly pulling it back at a 180° angle. Make sure to watch the decal to make sure it's not lifting from the surface. If the sticker/decal seems to be lifting, gently push the application tape back in the opposite direction that you were removing it and re-squeegee that area.

  • Step 4

Once the sticker/decal is installed, carefully inspect the area for bubbles. In the case of very small air bubbles, usually they will pass through the vinyl within a couple weeks. Larger bubbles may need to be removed, puncturing them with a pin or needle at the edge and softly pushing the air out towards the puncture.

* UV Resistance based upon Ink manufacturer and laminate manufacturer testing; in no way does this imply warranty from product manufacturers nor from High Desert Decals or its parent company.  UV resistance ratings based upon average life span of products in average climates and conditions.  Warranty cannot not attribute unknown end-user factors and or negligence.

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Along with our step by step how to install your decal instructions we've included sample pictures here to help you apply your decal like a pro!

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