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High Desert Decals was formed by Dan Ryan - avid hunter and fisherman. His love of the outdoors touches all areas of his life and of course, his truck too! Dan was frustrated by generic and often cartoon-like decals that flood the industry and decided to open High Desert Decals with the mission of delivering high quality decals with detail and accurate portrayals of the many species hunters and fisherman seek. 

You'll find HDD offers decals that are high quality, competively priced and unique. The custom decals allow you to turn your own trophy, mount or hunting buddy into a personalized memento - great for gifts!


company info

  • Name: High Desert Decals by Dan Ryan

  • Industry: Sporting Goods/Retail Product

  • Website:

  • Established: 2012

  • Owner: Dan Ryan

  • Location: Based in Janesville, CA

High Desert Decals by Dan Ryan

How do we design our decals?

All of our decals are digitally hand-drawn from actual photographs of real animals. Not only does this allow us to capture the detail and spirit of the animal, it allows us to customize our decals to the needs of our clients. We print on high quality vinyl to ensure that those details come through and allow for long-lasting display life of every decal.

This is why we also offer custom decals and design work. If you want a decal made from your latest trophy or to advertise your guide business - we can do that. Take a look at samples of our custom work here.

If you have questions about how to apply a decal - be sure to check out our FAQ's here.

Please remember that our designs are original and under copyright protection. Unless we have provided you with a press-ready proof for outside professional printing - DO NOT COPY ANY OF OUR DECALS, DUPLICATE OR REPRINT THEM. This is a criminal act of theft and we will take legal action. If you see our decals being sold from an un-authorized retailer (such as another website) - please send us a message here.